Adopt ULEVs or lose out, operators told

4th May 2018

Traffic in central London

Operators could lose out on business if they do not start to consider the potential of introducing ultra-low emission vehicles to their fleets, according to Innovate UK.

Speaking to Commercial Fleet, Venn Chesterton, ULEV Innovation Lead at the non-departmental agency, said: “There could be a point where clean air zones are introduced, or customers demand goods are delivered by electric vehicle, and that could happen very quickly.

“In these circumstances, if your competitors have experience with ultra-low emission vehicles such as electric vehicles, or operate them, then that puts them ahead.”

Sam Clarke, Director at LoCITY Champion Gnewt Cargon, also spoke to Commercial Fleet about how his company is currently trialling 19 larger electric vehicles. 

Sam said: “One of our expectations for this trial is to be able to reduce the fleet without any impact on productivity.

“I think the challenge is battery technology, as we have been able to pick the lowest hanging fruit with small vehicles and light freight, but I think there is still a long way to go for bigger electric trucks.”

To read the interviews with Venn and Sam in full, visit the Commercial Fleet website.