LoCITY Driving

LoCITY Driving features classroom-based and e-learning modules to help drivers and transport managers save fuel and reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles.
The classroom-based module is a seven-hour, CPC-accredited course that focuses on minimising the environmental impact of vans and HGVs by reducing emissions through the use of pre-journey planning and vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving, and alternative fuels.

The online modules reinforce key learnings across those topics, and give transport managers an overview of the range of alternative fuels available on the market.

For more information about LoCITY Driving, contact one of the FORS-approved training providers

Name Phone Email
Drive Tech 01423 876508 tellmemore@drivetech.co.uk
Fleet Source 0345 600 4045 enquiries@fleetsource.co.uk
Freight Transport Association 03717 112 222 JHillhouse@fta.co.uk
John Raymond Transport Ltd 01656 666 800 u2us@jrt.co.uk

Classroom-based Modules

The seven-hour course equips drivers with knowledge of:

Air quality and fuel efficiency


How vehicle checks and maintenance can help reduce emissions


Fuel-efficient driving techniques


The benefits of journey planning


How to use in-vehicle technology to improve driving performance


Alternative fuels in commercial vehicle fleets


For more information including availability of subsidised places please contact enquiries@locity.org.uk

Fleet Manager Toolkit

LoCITY Fleet Manager Toolkit is a part of series of tools, guidance and training produced by LoCITY, FORS Professional and Transport for London (TfL) that can be used by anyone who manages commercial vans or heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The toolkit provides practical advice and guidance to help implement robust policies, management systems and training that will reduce fuel consumption, vehicle emissions and improve safety.

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e-Learning Modules

LoCITY: Time to clean up – learning for drivers

LoCITY: Time to clean up – learning for drivers

Course participants will learn fuel-efficient driving techniques and other strategies to help reduce costs and emissions.
LoCITY: Time to look ahead – learning for managers

LoCITY: Time to look ahead – learning for managers

Course participants will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of a range of alternatively fuelled vehicles.

The e-learning modules can be accessed via the FORS website. You will need to register online before you access the e-learning modules – this is separate to your FORS online login.
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