No matter what your organisation does, there’s a good chance alternative fuels could be right for you – especially with the right fuel type and vehicles.

Alternative fuel options can work for you

The LoCITY Options Report identified four technology and fuel options that meet Euro VI/6 emission standards, have evidenced operational capability and may be capable of operating at similar costs to a diesel commercial vehicle:

  • Battery electric, plug-in hybrid and extended- range electric
  • Hydrogen fuel cell
  • Dedicated gas (including CNG, LNG, biofuel and LPG)
  • Renewable fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oil and gas-to-liquid

What’s the right fuel for you?


Small electric and plug-in hybrid vans show good economic and environmental performance in London.

Natural gas

Gas trucks show similar CO2 emissions, but evidence of reduced nitrogen dioxide compared to Euro VI diesel.


Biodiesel vehicles show reduced wheel-to-wheel CO2 emissions savings, but promising indications of lower nitrogen oxide emissions.

Electric vehicles could have sufficient range for my operation

With electric vehicle range improving continuously, it’s more likely than ever that you’ll be able to find a model to fit your mileage needs. According to the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, small electric vans can offer up to an 80-mile range while large vans can offer 100.

Our smart chargers manage the overall charge input into the vehicles such that it does not exceed a set maximum level and ensures that all the vans are fully charged overnight and ready to use the next day.

Sam Clarke, Founder, Gnewt Cargo

Watch our case study video on the operation and practicalities of alternatively fuelled vehicles

Download the Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide can help you find out everything you need to know about alternative fuels, including:

  • How to switch to and use alternative fuels safely
  • The different factors to consider when choosing a fuel type or vehicle
  • Where to access specific details on vehicles, clean air zones and regulations
LoCITY Alternative Fuels

What's the right fuel for you?

Cost savings

Long-term cost and efficiency savings, including a 100% Congestion Charge discount.

Emission reduction

Emissions reduction and a lower impact on the environment and London’s air quality.

Operational effectivness

Operational effectiveness with technology and vehicles chosen by your business, for your business.