Lowering Emissions from
Commercial Vehicles

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Transport for London (TfL) is delighted to announce the launch of LoCITY – a brand new industry led programme which will help the freight and fleet sector lead the way in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

What is the programme?

Over the next five years, we'll be working with freight and fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure providers, procurers and other key stakeholders to increase the availability and uptake of low emission commercial vehicles. We'll also be launching the LoCITY Fleet Advice Programme, offering guidance, tools, training and support.

What will it achieve?

LoCITY will accelerate the adoption of low emission commercial vehicles in London. In the early years, this will include the demonstration of vehicle and fuelling solutions, followed by mass rollout as their real world applicability is proven.

Why get involved?

Improved vehicle availability – together with the introduction of the ULEZ – will strengthen the case for acquiring low emission commercial vehicles over the next few years. By joining LoCITY now, you can influence key decisions and programme outputs, including technology demonstration, infrastructure placement and the development of procurement requirements. You can also help ensure that a best practice approach is devised and adopted.

How to get involved

Get involved in the programme, find out further information or simply be kept up to date about our progress.

News & Events

Mayor doubles air quality funding

Mayor doubles air quality funding

7th December 2016

Funding to improve the Capital’s air quality will be more than doubled over the next few years, the Mayor of London has confirmed.

LoCITY Champion launches a new renewable fuel

LoCITY Champion launches a new renewable fuel

5th December 2016

CNG Fuels has launched a new renewable biomethane fuel derived from food waste.