Cleaner vehicles.
Safer air.

Join the drive to low-emission commercial vehicles and help improve our air quality.

A new vision for LoCITY is on the way

LoCITY is changing. Our commitment to alternatively fuelled vehicles and cleaner air continues but we are ever evolving.

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A Volvo Truck

Proud to help freight and fleet operators

We work across the whole sector to help more organisations switch to cleaner fuels – and to make that easier, too. Together, we can make a huge impact on London’s air quality, saving lives and money. Check if your current fleet meets low emission zone standards.

The Ford Custom Transit PHEV

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Mercedes eVito

Why switch?

Long-term savings

Cut costs with a 100% Congestion Charge discount and lower running costs.

Operational effectiveness

Better vehicles and the right technology mean improved efficiency for your business.

Lower emissions

Improve your impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

"DPD joined the LoCITY programme early in its deployment of low emissions vehicles and the programme has been an invaluable resource as the company significantly increased the number of these vehicles on our fleet. The group also provides a great platform for engaging with TfL"
Rob Fowler, General Manager, DPDgroup UK

Ready to get started?

It’s easy to find out more about alternatively fuelled vehicles and how you can upgrade your fleet. LoCITY is here to help. See what’s on the market and what’s right for your business with our handy commercial vehicle finder.

A Nissan electric van charging