Programme Overview

LoCITY is a structured, collaborative programme that brings together the full range of stakeholders needed to stimulate the uptake of low emission commercial vehicles.
LoCITY provides a framework to complement many of the great projects already underway and generate consistency and cohesion.

The programme is increasing the supply and uptake of low emission commercial vehicles and associated infrastructure, making it easier for operators to invest in this technology. Through new procurement standards, a level playing field for low emission commercial vehicles is also being developed.

LoCITY is engaging, supporting and preparing the freight and fleet industry for the implementation of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2020.

Programme Objectives

Engage with freight and fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure providers to increase the availability and uptake of low emission commercial vehicles operating in London.

Prepare the freight industry for the introduction of ULEZ.

Support public and private fleets with upgrading to cleaner vehicles and alternative fuels.

Improve London’s air quality and deliver health benefits to Londoners.

Help meet London’s targets on reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Support the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) Delivery Plan for London.


Workstream 1 Graphic

Workstream 1

Help increase the availability and affordability of viable low emission commercial vehicles.
Workstream 1 Graphic

Workstream 2

Establish alternative fuel and supply chain infrastructure to support the uptake of cleaner commercial vehicles.
Workstream 1 Graphic

Workstream 3

Improve understanding through jargon-free communications, highlight the bold steps organisations are already taking, and inform future fleet buying decisions.