LoCITY praised by small businesses association

23rd October 2017

The Federation of Small Businesses logo

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) believes LoCITY’s impartial guidance is helping independent local businesses to adhere to London’s changing emissions regulations.

The FSB engages with Transport for London and City Hall on key policies like the Mayor of London’s Draft Transport Strategy and the Ultra Low Emission Zone, representing the interests of small and micro businesses. 

Denise Beedell, the FSB’s development manager, said: “One of the hardest parts of people embracing more sustainable attitudes and behaviours in their own operations is the huge challenge of obtaining relevant and timely information. 

“LoCITY provides a really positive, independent forum to put forward sensible information that has been checked out. It’s trusted, it’s not trying to sell things to people, and it aligns with what the FSB does.”

Denise Beedell will also speak at the Freight in the City in collaboration with LoCITY Conference at Alexandra Palace on Tuesday 7 November. 

To register for the conference, visit the Freight in the City Expo website.