What are the barriers to using alternatively fuelled vehicles?

5th April 2016


Element Energy has been commissioned by TfL to research the barriers to wider take up of low emission commercial vehicles.

Element Energy is a strategic and technical energy consultancy with a specialism in low-carbon transport and significant experience in identifying barriers and opportunities for adoption of alternative fuel vehicles within fleets.

As part of this current research, Element Energy is seeking interviews with commercial fleet operators, infrastructure providers and vehicle manufacturers, to discuss experiences of low emission vehicle technologies to date and the factors that present limitations for further adoption of these vehicles. Interviews will be either in person or by telephone, and will last no longer than an hour. These interviews will ideally take place before Monday 25 April.

Element Energy’s research will help to:

  • Understand the constraints and barriers affecting fleet and freight operators, vehicle manufacturers and refuelling/recharging infrastructure providers
  • Derive the siting opportunities for refuelling/recharging infrastructure, both in depot and public/’en route’ solutions
  • Provide clear and actionable recommendations to accelerate the uptake of low emission commercial vehicles

By participating in this research, interviewees will be providing valuable information that will contribute to the decarbonisation of freight transport whilst at the same time gaining a unique insight into the future of low emission commercial vehicles through their engagement and interactions with LoCITY.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Celine Cluzel (Project Manager) at Element Energy on 0330 119 0984 or by emailing celine.cluzel@element-energy.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.