Gnewt Cargo

Delivery firm Gnewt Cargo established an entirely electric-only London operation in 2009.

Today, it operates more than 70 electric vans.

Safe and simple

Gnewt has employed a wide range of charging solutions, ranging from basic wall-mounted sockets for its early electric quadricycles to more advanced smart chargers for its current modern vans. These smart charges are managed through a central system and are incredibly safe – with not a single safety-related issue or concern encountered to date.

A flexible approach

The company maintains more electric vehicles than chargers at its Bromley-by-Bow depot, ensuring it always has redundant capacity to carry any excess loads. This means it can always cater to the possibility of a load not being deliverable by a single van.

We have telematics evidence to show that our drivers, when given a diesel van to drive as a comparator, naturally drove more aggressively and less efficiently than their electric equivalents.

Sam Clarke, Founder

A custom solution

Gnewt’s operation involves transporting large volumes of relatively light goods, so capacity is more important when choosing a vehicle than weight. To give it the best fit, the company converted 15 car-derived vans into longer, taller vehicles with an 8.5m3 capacity like that of a 7.5-tonne van.

Our smart chargers manage the overall charge input into the vehicles such that it does not exceed a set maximum level and ensures that all the vans are fully charged overnight and ready to use the next day.

Smart charging

Because Gnewt’s smart chargers manage the overall charge input into the vehicles, charging doesn’t exceed a maximum level. The driver doesn’t need to do anything other than park and plug in the vehicle.