The LoCITY Fleet Advice Tool is designed to provide fleet operators with the potential cost impact and emission benefits of operating low emission commercial vehicles over a range of operating conditions and duty cycles.

The Tool aims to help fleet operators make informed decisions about future vehicle procurement by forecasting their potential whole-life cost. It uses evidence of real-world vehicle performance gathered through independent trials and research.

The Fleet Advice Tool was developed with guidance and input from, and endorsed by, the LoCITY working groups, which represent a diverse group of fleet users as well as fuel and vehicle suppliers.

It has been split into Basic and Advanced modes so you can get indicative results without needing all the input data. The Tool provides a comparison on on the potential cost, air quality and CO2 emission impacts, and commercial maturity of different alternative technologies available, depending on the vehicle type selected, against conventional diesel vehicles.

There are several factors you need to consider before selecting the most appropriate low emission vehicle for your fleet. Our Tool contains a range of advice that summarises the key issues for technologies including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, range-extended electric, hybrid electric, biodiesel, LPG, and natural gas.

The Tool will be continuously updated as LoCITY captures more data and more alternatively fuelled vehicles come to market.