LNG-powered Volvo Trucks arrive in UK

20th April 2018

A Volvo FH LNG

Brand-new LNG-powered vehicles from Volvo Trucks have begun to arrive in the UK.

Compared with its diesel FH truck equivalent, the new Volvo FH LNG is said to see a 20 per cent reduction in CO₂ emissions while running on LNG.

The truck, which has a gas-powered engine based on existing diesel technology, can be refuelled at a number of locations, including at seven Calor refuelling stations across the UK.

Martin Tomlinson, Head of Product Demonstration, UK & Ireland at Volvo Group Trucks, said: “The development of our new FH LNG truck is the result of our commitment to transportation that is sustainable in the long term through energy-efficient, competitive and future-proof solutions with a low climate and environmental impact.”

You can read more about this development on the Commercial Vehicle Show website.