Hydrogen-powered truck gets into gear

19th April 2018

A Volvo FH16 truck

A truck powered only by hydrogen will be trialled later this year by a LoCITY Champion.

The converted Volvo FH16 is powered by hydrogen in a combustion engine rather than through the usual fuel cells and electric motor – making it an industry first.

Specialists from LoCITY Champion ULEMCo designed the truck to demonstrate how hydrogen fuel can be used both efficiently and cost-effectively to decarbonise heavy goods vehicles.

The company says the pioneering development could help to improve air quality, as there will be fewer emissions from hydrocarbons such as unburnt fuel, particulates and carbon monoxide, while the NOx levels will be “immeasurably low”.

Amanda Lyne, CEO of ULEMCo, said: “We are hugely excited about the potential for hydrogen fuel as a route to faster achievement of zero-carbon emission in commercial vehicles.

“With this mega-low emission demonstrator, co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, we are showing that 100 per cent hydrogen fuel in combustion engines is a practical and cost-effective option.”

To read more, visit the Air Quality News website.