Lorry levy changes next year

28th March 2018

An image of a HGV

Lorries meeting the latest Euro VI emissions standards will pay 10 per cent less to use the UK’s roads, the government has announced. 

From February 2019, cleaner lorries will need to pay a £900 levy, as opposed to the current rate of £1,000. 

HGVs of a Euro 0 – V emissions standard will also be required to pay an increased levy of £1,200 from the same date.

Roads Minister Jesse Norman said: “Heavy goods vehicles account for around a fifth of harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from road transport, but they only travel 5 per cent of the total miles. 

“That’s why we’re changing the HGV levy to encourage firms to phase out the most polluting lorries and bring in the cleanest ones.”

To find out more about the changes, visit the GOV.UK website.