Help make LoCITY a success

29th March 2016


Databuild Research and Solutions Ltd (Databuild), in association with the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP), have been commissioned by TfL to gain a broader understanding of operator knowledge and awareness of viable alternative fuels for operational HGVs and vans. The research will also identify opportunities for encouraging greater uptake of these types of vehicles.

Databuild is an independent research-based consultancy with over 20 years’ experience of researching policies and programmes designed to improve transport efficiency in the non-domestic and domestic sectors.

Databuild is looking to speak to a range of HGV and van operators about existing fleet composition, duty cycles, and potential for low emission vehicles in your fleet. This would be in the form of a telephone survey lasting around 15-20 minutes. Ideally, interviews will need to be completed by Friday 15th April.

Databuild’s research aims to provide LoCITY with valuable information and will:

• Quantify existing fleets used by a range of operators
• Identify how organisations make purchasing decisions for new vehicles
• Understand what influences these purchasing decisions, and who makes them
• Establish the level of awareness and knowledge of different alternative fuel technologies for operational vehicles

Those operators participating in the research will benefit from being able to engage with LoCITY and obtain information and advice to assist future vehicle purchasing or leasing decisions.

If you are willing and able to participate then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Petrina Maynard (Project Manager) at Databuild on 0121 687 1144 or by emailing